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These days there are many different types of cycles from simple kiddies playbikes to sophisticated mountain bikes costing thousands of pounds. Whatever you choose to buy from Stanley Fearn's you can be sure of one thing - we will look after you properly. We believe our service is second to none!
Here's why:-

Pre Delivery Inspection

Howard, Nigel, Tom and Rob, our mechanics, are all highly skilled and experienced. You can read more about them on our staff page.

We set high standards for the cycles we sell, and make a point of avoiding brands of dubious quality, but even the best bikes need a thorough "going over".We see bikes brought into the shop which have been bought elsewhere (often mail-order), that are brand new but so badly set up they are dangerous. When you buy a bike from us you can be sure that it really is 'ready to ride'.

We say a lot more about the importance of setting up a new bike in the Choosing A Bike section.


Sometimes you might like the look of a bike we have on show, but wish one or two things on it were different. For instance you might want a comfier saddle, or maybe a different set of tyres. This isn't a problem - we will happily change components on the bike to adapt it to your needs. We want you to have a bike you are really happy with.

Free First Service

After one or two months, depending on how much you have used your bike, we like you to bring it in for a free service. This is very important, because most new bikes 'settle - in' and things need adjusting and checking for tightness. You can be confident we will give the bike a proper service and not just a five minute run through!

Priority Servicing

We are well known for the quality of our repair work and wheel-building and sometimes, particularly in the summer, we can get very busy. With a Stanley Fearn's bike you get priority treatment, so we service your bike quickly.

Warranty Work

Even the best bike in the world can go wrong occasionally and sometimes faults occur which are a bit borderline as to whether they can be claimed for under warranty. We have gained many customers over the years who had originally bought bikes elsewhere only to find that their shop "didn't want to know" when anything went wrong. We will never take this attitude with you. We will always do our best to help you and not brush you off with feeble excuses.

Because we concentrate on a few core brands rather than trying to stock everything under the sun, we have built up good relationships with our suppliers. This means they look after us and this can make a tremendous difference if we need a 'favour' on a warranty claim to look after you!

Routine Servicing - Menu Pricing

Bit of a misleading heading here,sorry ! Menu Pricing for servicing is something we have considered but prefer to avoid...

Typical menus might say Full Service 75 for instance.... This will usually include stripping down and re-greasing all bearings etc etc but importantly it does not include the price of any parts.

The condition of any two used bikes can vary tremendously. With Bike A you could perhaps do everything that needed to be done, including parts, for under 40. Bike B might be so badly worn that it is not worth repairing at all because the repairs will come to more than the bike is worth.

Bike A's bearings might be in obviously good condition and you could not seriously justify the time and expense of stripping them down.The menu Full Service is relieving you of 75 when 40 should have been enough .
Bike B is a different beast altogether. It's bearings do all need overhauling but they are actually so badly worn that they will still be rough after re-greasing. Most of them badly need replacing.The cost of bearing assemblies is not included in the menu price.
It doesn't stop there,either...The chain and cassette ( the rear cogs) are totally worn out and one of the chainrings (ie front cogs) too.The brake pads and the gear cables need replacing.
On a really cheap supermarket/mail order bike the parts would still cost about 100, so even if the shop agrees to not charge extra labour for fitting the parts, the "full Service" has now become 175 - probably a lot more than the bike cost new.
On a high quality bike the parts would come to over 200 , so your "Full Service " could be over 300 . The 75 menu price that initially tempted you has disappeared a long way into the distance !!

For these reasons we have decided not to work on menu pricing. We think the best thing to do is that when you bring the bike in for a general service one of us will spend 5-10 minutes looking over the bike with you, assess its condition and discuss with you how much it will all cost.
There might be some parts that are downright dangerous and really must be replaced.
Some parts may be almost worn out but "will do" for now if the bike is only going to be used very occasionally and in easy-riding. On the other hand if the bike is used regularly there's no point putting off the expense because it could let you down very soon....
Different bike conditions,different customer requirements - we'll talk it through with you and decide how far you want to go with the repair.

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